About us

Toys for Manhattan was started in the 1960’s by Al Myers, a police officer who collected toys and gifts from fellow officers for a family on Christmas Eve who had nothing. He saw the need and continued helping those in need in the community until he retired in 2001 from the program. At that time Judy Padgett took over the program and continues to help as many as possible each year so that children and families will have a better holiday. 

Toys for Manhattan is not affiliated with Toys for Tots or other toy drives.

Judy can be contacted at santalady2@cox.net or 785-313-2013

2004 Timber Creek Drive, Manhattan, KS  66502

John, Tiffany, Julie, Barb, and Judy 

John, Tiffany, Julie, Barb, and Judy 

Carol, John, Betty, and Barb 

John, Judy, Carol, and Julie